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Bexleyheath Electricians – Airbnb Landlord Rented Accommodation London

Airbnb property fires can be attributed in some cases to guest misuse, faulty wiring or appliances, whilst damaged domestic equipment can cause shock or, in rare events, burning. There are a number of important aspects to consider in your rented property to prevent such occurrences.

Lux Installations – your friendly electricians serving Bexleyheath, Bromley, Croydon and London to all Commercial properties, domestic homes and rented Airbnb houses, offices and warehouses.

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Electrical PAT Testing – Bexleyheath, Bromley Croydon and London

Landlords and Airbnb hosts know that thanks to increasingly higher standards of wiring and installation, domestic electrical systems are now generally safer than ever for tenants and paying guests. However, the use of electricity in rented properties / Airbnbs have the potential to cause substantial damage to property and serious personal injury.

No matter the size and scale of your property that needs rewiring – we are qualified Industrial and Electrical Contractors for your domestic, commercial or business premise rewiring requirements – either full or partial.

Free electrical advice for Airbnb hosts, Landlords and Commercial Property owners

Call Lux Installations on 07940 110015 or send a message via our Contact Form for an on-site inspection at no charge.

Electrical Repairs, Inspections and Testing Bexleyheath, Croydon and London areas

  • Should your property be over 40 years old it’s time to call us for an inspection. Since the 1970’s there’s been major technological evolvements in our society (smart phones, computers, flat screen HD TVs, etc.) and all of these electronics depend on having reliable energy sources and up to date fuses to function. Homes built 4 decades ago simply weren’t equipped for the power supply necessary for modern life.
  • Electrical circuit breakers trip more frequently. This is usually an indication that your appliances are either trying to pull more power than they can handle, or there is something amiss somewhere in your wiring circuits. If you notice that you are tripping breakers on regularly, it’s time to Contact Us for an inspection.
  • Lights dimming or flickering when you turn on other appliances. This is another red flag that your electrical wiring is not handling the demands that modern appliances and 2020 electronics are trying to pull. Should you notice that your lights are dimming lights when the fridge freezer or air conditioning kicks in, it’s time to call 07940 110015 for a quick inspection on site at no charge.
  • Multiple extension cords or adapters to create additional electrical outlets for 3 pin plugs. Should you need an extension cord to get power to your phone charger, or you’re relying on a 4 gang power strip for your living room lights and lamps, Lux Installations will quickly and efficiently install new receptacles to declutter and improve the safety of your London property regardless of age.
  • Are you guilty of using more than one power cord throughout your home? Even for basic needs such as a hairdrier or DVD player then it’s time to call us for a FREE inspection.
  • If you have an Edwardian or Victorian property, a complete or semi property rewire may be a prudent investment.
    Safety with Electrical Systems

You will avoid danger from electricity when all of your fixed electrical systems are properly designed, installed and maintained by electrical contractors such as Lux Installations. We ensure all lighting and wiring in accordance with current standards and always maintain good practices.

Fixed electrical systems are to be inspected and tested AT LEAST once every 5 years for rented properties, Airbnb may not state this in writing but it’s highly recommended to take heed from other industries.

National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC)

Our electricians are fully qualified with full scope registration/membership to work on commercial installations and certified with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC), and are NICEIC registered Domestic Electricians.

Electrician Bexleyheath Bromley London Airbnb, Domestic and Commercial services

It’s essential that all defective or problematic appliances need to be fixed or removed from the premises as soon as they are showing signs of being faulty.

Inspection and electrical testing on behalf of commercial properties, Landlords rented homes, and Airbnb hosts must be carried out by a competent person – with over 20 years of domestic and commercial electrical experience under our belts, Lux Installations are experts in providing electrical services and domestic dwelling electrical testing to Airbnb accommodation throughout London.

Airbnb Hosts – Electrician Repairs, Small Fixes and Rewiring of Properties

Our team of experienced and skilled electricians specialise in timely and reasonably priced Airbnb rewiring and understand the unique techniques required when it comes to electrical wiring in properties of all ages in all areas of London. Based in Bexleyheath, we are proud to offer a range of lighting services for London areas including Croydon and Bromley; whether you require a complete upgrade or a few simple additions to your existing lighting.

Due to the wide range of services that we have on offer, we are confident that our team can meet your individual requirements. Not sure what you are looking for? Whether you are looking for new Airbnb garden exterior lighting or you require security motion detector lighting design and installation in London, you needn’t look any further.

Due to the age and nature of most London buildings, wiring a domestic Airbnb home in London presents a few challenges which need to be overcome. Architectural features always need protecting as do any all other fixtures and features of Victorian or Edwardian construction.

This is why it’s of high importance to ensure new wiring or replacing old wiring in all buildings require a service which is essential to be carried out by experienced electrical contractors.